Scott Richardson was born in Maryhill, Scotland in the mid 60s, spent the 80s bumming around Europe and the 90s apologising for his previous behaviour. Come 2001, it seemed the most logical option available was to shave his head, move to a different hemisphere and start a hillbilly band with a bunch of hard-drinking reprobates.

Richardson found himself in St Kilda, his local was The Greyhound and everything seemed to fall into place from there.

THE MARYHILLBILLYS were soon formed around a nucleus consisting of Dave Job (mandolin), Loff Kahans (fiddle) and Paddy Chong (double bass). The quartet shared a love of country music, drinking beer and telling lies. It wasn’t long before Kim Volkman (dobro) and Steve Prictor (harmonica) decided that this was, indeed, the way forward and promptly jumped on the bandwagon.

In 2004, Luna Records decided that the country tunes coming from these boys deserved a wider audience, and put up the funds to record the album Meet the Maryhillbillys. In 2005, the album was released. In 2006, it was backed up by a tour in The Maryhillbillys’ spiritual homeland of Scotland (and England). In 14 days they did 8 live shows up & down the country, and 10 live radio sessions, including one with the legendary Johnnie Walker of BBC Radio 2.

The Maryhillbillys continue to play wherever they’re asked to (and some places they’re not). In 2011, they celebrated 10 years together and, except for a couple of lineup changes over the years, the original 6 still play most gigs together.

The line up changes depending on the mood.....

Live, The Maryhillbillys come at you like a bar room brawl. They play around town – so kick up your heels and say hello – chances are they’ll let you buy them a beer.